What is Acupuncture?

Our bodies operate using electrical energy. Our brains have an electromagnetic field, our heart’s impulse to beat is electrical. Muscle contraction and relaxation, cellular physiology, nerve conduction, and even healing of broken bones can all be measured electrically. (Robert Becker, The Body Electric) This energy in our body has an organizing property and is the key component in acupuncture treatment. In Chinese Medicine this energy is called “Qi” (pronounced ‘Chee’) and flows along pathways called “meridians” or “channels”. These pathways have been scientifically studied and shown to exist.


Acupuncture meridians flow everywhere in the body to ensure an even distribution of this energy. In a healthy body, the “qi” flows without obstruction along specific directions. An injury, stress, trauma, and even emotions will alter the flow of qi which over time can lead to more specific symptoms and even disease.


During a treatment, acupuncture needles are placed along these meridians at specific locations to redirect the movement of qi to its optimal flow and proper direction to alleviate symptoms.


Acupuncture is not painful. The needles used are very small. Many people report not feeling the needle placement into their body at all. Occasionally, it might be felt. Once the needle is placed, no pain should be felt at all, and many people forget they are there. In some cases people actually feel energy flowing throughout their body and feel deeply relaxed from a treatment.


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